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Looky Marketing professional creative force of Jin Chang. He leads a full-spectrum creative agency that uses the visual artistry of photography, video, and design to produce positive images for every client.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a complete image design studio must be worth a million. Looky Marketing is not only a fully stocked studio equipped with every prop and backdrop imaginable but also a mobile service for any locale. The studio, located in near the Fullerton airport, is transformed for each client for photo or video settings, for portraits, fashion and beauty, special events and product staging. Looky Marketing has expanded its professional services to website development, package design, and social media content creation for businesses developing their brand images for websites, online stores, and social media.

Jin Chang founded Looky Marketing with the mission of a one-stop creative agency for today's sophisticated clientele. Jin brings the natural eye and technical skills of an artist to his work of over ten years, but it was his passion for the visual arts that led him to pursue his dream. Jin’s joyful spirit helps clients come out of their shell, and always makes sure they are comfortable and having a great time in front of a camera.


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